Peanut Allergy: New Developments and Clinical Implications. 2016

Peanut Allergy: New Developments and Clinical Implications.

Commins SP1,2,3,4, Kim EH5,6,7, Orgel K7, Kulis M7.


Food allergies have increased in prevalence over the past 20 years, now becoming an important public health concern. Although there are no therapies currently available for routine clinical care, recent reports have indicated that immunotherapies targeting the mucosal immune system may be effective. Oral immunotherapy is conducted by administering small, increasing amounts of food allergen; it has shown promise for desensitizing individuals with peanut, egg, or milk allergies. Sublingual immunotherapy also desensitizes allergic patients to foods-two major studies have examined the effects of sublingual immunotherapy in subjects with peanut allergies. We review the complex nature of IgE-mediated food allergies and the therapies being evaluated in clinical trials. We focus on the diagnosis and management of food allergies and investigational therapies.


Anaphylaxis; Food allergy; IgE; Peanut allergy

Link To: Peanut Allergy: New Developments and Clinical Implications., Curr Allergy Asthma Rep. 2016, May;16(5):35.



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