My local allergist was 100% wrong about OIT: Is Yours?

imageMy local allergist was 100% wrong. WRONG. If I had listened to his advice we would still be on strict avoidance and living a stressful life with a child with anxiety and perhaps and eating disorder now. He was wrong. OIT worked quickly and easily and we sailed through. While not every journey is easy, the vast majority of people in the 6 years of the OIT support groups do get through and become desensitized.

I am always amazed that people are under the “spell” of one doctor’s opinion. I expect it from my mother’s generation, but surprised to see it alive and well among food allergy parents. I personally have had so many bad experiences with doctors that it is still shocking to me that patients do not take a leadership role and consider the doctor just one member of the team. A member who is human and very different from other practitioners in their field. They have strengths and weaknesses even within their specialty. This is very true with allergists.

imageMedicine is an art and each doctor does not give the same advice–otherwise we would just use Dr. Google. “Who” your doctor is is random–it’s based on where you live, your insurance plans and limitations, and how you found them. Yet so many give this random doctor god-like status over their lives and happiness and fears. It becomes an excuse to be passive: “But my doctor said…”

My local allergist is a great guy. Smart, up-to-date in many aspects of allergy. He’s still my allergist but not my child’s allergist. My child is under the care of someone who changed her life, and that of our whole family. He’s a board-certified allergist with impeccable credentials.

Please take matters into your owsourcen hands. If your child had cancer you would get multiple opinions and find out they differ quite a bit. You would research like a madwoman and talk with specialists who have a track record of FIXING your exact diagnosis. The experts in the treatment of that type of cancer. Not generalists. Liseetsa Mann, founder of the OIT support groups, says “The best source of information you will ever find, is an actual doctor who specializes in the treatment you are considering.” It’s true. Don’t ask the plumber about your electrical problem and expect to get a correct answer.

imageI don’t understand why many parents of food allergy kids can be so unwilling to arm themselves with data. To become an expert and find a way out. To be the superhero, the lioness, the champion of changing your family’s food allergy story. We have all the resources you need right here at

My doctor was WRONG about OIT. It’s a fact. He blew it. Proven and lived daily by us. Is yours wrong too?

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