How do I learn about OIT? I have a LOT of questions!

As food allergy parents who were told there were no treatments available, we once sat where you are. That’s why we put this website together.

You can visit here, read a LOT, find a doctor close to you (many OIT families travel distances of up to 7 hours each way every few weeks for a series of appointments with a doctor for 6-12 months) and go for a consult, just like you would with any specialist. No middleman needed. 84% of us have had insurance coverage for OIT, up from 43% just 2 years ago.

If you want more support and have questions can join our Facebook OIT support groups and see OIT in action, 24-7. Raw and unvarnished.

Here’s how to navigate your way around the site:

Site created by Food Allergy Parents like YOU ! … They said there were NO TREATMENTS for food allergy!