Dr. Selter, NY: There is no such thing as being too allergic. Theoretically, any person is a good candidate for OIT.

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Are you or is someone you know tired of living in fear of food allergies?

We are excited to introduce our innovative food allergy treatment program! We are one of only a few allergy practices in the country that offers the breakthrough treatment program for people with food allergies. This treatment provides a long-term solution for patients with a variety of food allergies including peanut, tree nuts, milk, and egg. It usually takes about six months, and at the end of the program, most patients are able to consume the foods that once threatened their health with no allergic reaction.


Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a measured, deliberate, and carefully calculated program in which patients with a food allergy are fed the allergenic food in very small incremental amounts over the course of several months. After each successful dose increase, patients are then required to dose independently at home until the next attempted dose increase in the office. After this step-wise process, the patients eventually will be able to tolerate the foods that once threatened their health with no reactions. They continue to consume that food on a daily basis to maintain the ability to tolerate it.

The goal of OIT is two-fold: to help a patient tolerate the foods that they are allergic to in order to eliminate a risk of accidental exposure that could result in clinical symptoms. Secondly, OIT allows patients to freely ingest above and beyond the maintenance dose if they so desire. This can bring much freedom and hope to many patients and let them live a more normal life that reduces the challenges that come with food allergy.

Q: What foods do we treat?
Peanut, Milk, Tree nuts, and Egg.

Q: At what age can OIT be started at?
The patient should be at least 5 years of age.

Q: Is my child too allergic to do OIT?
There is no such thing as being too allergic. Theoretically, any person is a good candidate for OIT.

Q: Why has Allergy and Asthma Care of Rockland started offering OIT?
-There are more than 80 journal articles published in the leading allergy journals around the world all showing success with this therapy.
-Hundreds of successful patients have been fully treated with an over 80% completion rate.
-The risk of reactions to OIT are equal to or less than strict avoidance.
-Studies and personal experience have demonstrated a significant improvement in quality of life.


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Also be sure to visit our Top 10 OIT Myths page because the #1 and #2 Myths are:

1) My child is too allergic or their allergies are “too severe” to treat with OIT: IGE >100 or Class 6.
2) My child has had too many anaphylactic reactions; our allergist agreed that no one will treat him with OIT.

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