BLOG: The Nut Fighter; by Nicole and B

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Side effects and dosing on the road

On Tuesday B was two weeks into his 6mg dose. Things have been going well and it’s honestly hard to tell if he has “side effects”. One day he has a runny nose, the next he has a little bit of a loose stool. These things all happen to a normal 7 year old not on OIT- but you are more aware of them now. Well Tuesday B took his dose and about 30 minutes later started to wheeze. He has had wheezing before – usually with a cold and honestly not that often. I gave him his inhaler and that cleared up the wheezing. I called Dr. Moss (who called me back in under 5 minutes) and he told me to let him know if he needed the inhaler or symptoms worsened. The wheezing never came back and all was well.
The next morning I got a call from the nurse at Dr Moss’ office to make sure everything was good and then Dr Moss called me around 2pm to check in. B was fine all day- but I was super nervous to dose Wednesday night. Wednesday night Bobby was good. I did over analyze every time he moved or scratched himself – but no wheezing and all seemed well. Tonight we traveled to Disney. I was nervous again to dose. We were driving from the airport to the hotel when it was time for B’s dose. I popped open an Oreo cookie, put the peanut flour on and let B have it. All was perfect – yay!  It’s going to be an interesting week dosing in Disney, but I know we will make it work. Here is hoping we don’t have any random side effects or reactions during the trip.  Thanks for reading!


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