BLOG: Naughty Nuts! Kaitlyn’s peanut OIT journey; by Jennifer and Kaitlyn

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OIT is a game changer!
This year has brought so many wonderful experiences to her life.  It just keeps getting better and better. 4 weeks ago we celebrated Kaitlyn’s 1 year anniversary of OIT.  Two weeks ago we up dosed to 1130 mg. Every successful updose is a highlight for sure!  Saturday, Kaitlyn turned 11 and chose to celebrate with an ice cream cake, her first ever store-bought birthday cake!! It was delicious and so easy that I felt guilty. Sunday, the Easter Bunny brought so many new candies that have never allowed in our house before. It was very exciting! (and no, she didn’t eat them all at once!) She actually hasn’t eaten any of them. Shocking!

And this morning, she departed for her first Interim 3 night trip to Savannah. Yes, I’m a nervous wreck and have met with the teachers, done more research than anyone on this trip, and prayed, and prayed, and prayed more for her safety and strength!

Life threatening food allergies are so much more than just food! Kaitlyn’s anxiety and nerves are shot. She’s had an upset stomach since Saturday, she’s cried, she’s prayed and she’s tried to talk herself into thinking this will be fun. I really hope it will be. Unfortunately, earlier in the year we had to stop OIT for an entire month after her campout with her class. I truly think she had a stomach bug that was just irritated further by OIT but she relates stopping OIT (and having to start almost completely over) to class trips. Can’t blame her, she’s just turned 11 and has a lot on her plate but I hope that isn’t the case this time! As Kaitlyn has gotten older her reactions to her allergies have gone from complacent, to angry, to embarrassed. The embarrassment is what scares me the most, the middle school attitude of “not wanting to be different” is the biggest threat because that is what can cause an accident that can lead to anaphylaxis or death. That’s one of the biggest reasons we started OIT. If one bite makes the difference of her fitting in, then I want to make certain that one bite won’t kill her!

Like many children with severe food allergies, Kaitlyn has rarely spent the night out and never for this long. We’ve prepped Kaitlyn for this trip with meal discussions scenarios, I’ve gone over the menu at great detail. We’ve stressed over and over and OVER again that her epi pens HAVE TO GO EVERYWHERE with her. I’ve stressed to the teachers the seriousness and severity of the situation.  I’ve talked to her doctor and together we decided to hold at this dose to keep her stable. Kaitlyn refused to skip doses and risk a setback, and I think that is a good choice. I also don’t feel comfortable leaving the dosing and rest period up to the teachers. It’s not anything personal, just my control issue and the fact that it is very serious. So we compromised, I will stay in a nearby hotel and come and get her to give her her dose and make sure she rests for her two hour period and then return her for the full Interim experience. This way we all win; Kaitlyn experiences Interim without me, she continues to dose, the burden of dosing is taken off of the teachers shoulders, I have a little peace of mind knowing I’m close by rather than 4 hours away, and hopefully it all goes according to plan.

So this morning with all her bags packed, I let my brave little girl spread her wings and go. As we pulled into to school she said “do you ever feel that lump in your throat before you’re about to cry?” Yes, baby girl, yes I do!


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