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Friday, April 4, 2014

OIT: halfway through week 2

Well, folks. We’re halfway through our second week of OIT for my sweet, vibrant Elias. And, you know, it’s been pretty uneventful. Which is AMAZING!

He’s been happy choosing between ‘o-gurt’ or applesauce each morning. Yogurt is the current fave, and has the added bonus of great stuff for his belly. I give him the dose each morning after breakfast, and he is under the watchful eye of his Nini during the two-hour watching period. Asher has picked up that there is medicine each morning, and he doesn’t love that this means there is no outside morning play time. But, they are both little champs about it!

How am I feeling? Honestly, I walked away from that second day in Dr. Nash’s office and felt lighter. I told my mom that while we are only at a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny dose, I feel like Elias is on the way to protection. We aren’t just walking around on eggshells and trying to avoid everything. We are doing something about it. We are helping him. We are able to tackle this allergy, not just live in fear. And that is so amazing. I’m so very thankful.

And something else that is certainly notable is my support system from other OIT moms. Holy crap those women are amazing. I’m not even sure how I landed in the private OIT groups on Facebook to begin with. But whatever that route was, I’m eternally thankful. I’m in close contact with a handful of these strong women, some even also see Dr. Nash. Others are much further ahead of us on this journey are so wise and reassuring. And they get it. They know exactly how I’m feeling. They don’t have to try to understand, they do understand. And that bond and that support and those conversations and advice and stories and laughs are definitely a gift from God. I almost feel like I have a new group of close friends that I’ve never even met, but they ‘get me’ in ways that is so impactful in my life. Thank you to each of you. You know who you are.

Two really important things that I want to share with those in our lives. Consider this my Elias Service Announcement.

  1. It’s really important that we keep Elias as healthy as possible. If he gets sick, we have to skip doses and then down-dose following that. This early in the game, that means we’d have to go back to even lower than our start dose. Not to mention, if fighting an illness, his immune system will be compromised and could lead to a reaction. Which, would suck. I know germs are everywhere, and Asher will probably bring home something gross from preschool next week. But, in general, if you aren’t feeling well — avoid us. Please and thank you.
  2. It’s even more important that we continue to remain nut free and be extra diligent to protect Elias. In fact, we got his blood work back last week during our OIT appointment. His level went from a 9.3 (considered high) to a 74. (whoa). This was in a year’s time. Dr. Nash said he has not seen a number go up that much in that short of a time period before. This means we have further to go to get the number down to 0, aka no longer reactive.I think the fact that we’re in OIT can be a little confusing to those who aren’t familiar with it. Yes, we now have tiny crumbs of peanut flour in our house and yes (praise God!) he’s tolerating them well. But he is still very allergic, life-threateningly allergic. Please, if you are blessed enough to have this amazing boy in your life, continue to be diligent in helping us protect him. For the next two years or so, we are still nut free and will need to operate the same as we always have as far as protecting him.

Ok. Elias Service Announcement ended. 🙂

So, what’s next? We go to Dr. Nash next week for an updose to 12 mg. I just have this really settled and calming feeling that it’s going to go well, too. For now, the anxiety of an updose hasn’t even begun to set it. Would be great if it didn’t!

Thanks for following along on our journey and keeping our sweet boy in your prayers.


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