BLOG: conquering peanut: Breckan’s OIT journey; by Deborah and Breckan

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Monday, November 30, 2015

up to 25 mg

This morning we were back in Peachtree City for another updose after a very boring two weeks – just how we like it!  Breckan is so used to taking his “peanut medicine” every morning that when we got in the car ten minutes into the ride he said, “Mom, wait!  you forgot to give me my peanut medicine!” 🙂  I love the fact he is understanding that he needs to take this every single day since OIT is a life-long, but life-changing, commitment.  I reminded him that we don’t have to give him his peanut medicine on the days we go see Dr. Agrawal and he was happy because he loves when he gets to see his doctor and increases his dose.  (I’ve explained it to him that it’s like when his big brother is going up in belts in karate…every time we go, he goes up a notch just like getting a new belt in karate and he loves “moving up”)

So here is Breckan taking his new 25 mg dose (up from 12 mg).  He took it no problems at all…and at this point it’s starting to taste like peanut so you never know if they’ll like it or not.

Now we play the waiting game…we were there with our friends again so all the kids kept one another entertained and we tried not to be too loud for the other patients :/ It was an exciting moment for our friends today too – their son is at a dose where he had his first pieces of peanut!!  This might not sound like much to someone who can eat a Reeses whenever they want or doesn’t have to worry about calling a restaurant before going to see if it’ll be safe to eat at, but for a parent of a child who couldn’t even dream of that possibility it is amazing and almost shocking!  We will be at this point in another couple updoses…it’s crazy to think that this step is right around the corner….

Both patients did great and we were checked out to go.  Breckan got the all clear from Dr. Agrawal and we are set until our next updose two weeks from now.

So here it is….getting pretty thick! I really had to shake it up since it settles quick to the bottom now.  Let’s hope the next two weeks are as uneventful as the past two…


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