Allergy-Free Mom: Peanut, Egg and Milk OIT, by Sharissa and Nathan

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Thirteen Weeks: Five peanuts.

January 08, 2014  /  Sharissa Greer

Here we are, starting the New Year at week thirteen of our peanut OIT journey.  Yesterday we increased to five peanuts, twice per day.

I haven’t blogged in a few weeks.  It’s pretty busy around here right now with home school and extra activities, on top of the every day in-and-outs.  Of course the holidays have come and gone too, and we were pretty busy with that as well.

Just before Christmas, as we were scheduled to increase our dose for the week, Nathan caught a horrible stomach virus with a fever that lasted five days.  He was so sick, weak, and miserable.  We had just increased to three peanuts per day, the previous week.  He was having a really hard time taking his doses.  Trying to wake him up in the morning with peanut M&Ms in my hand was a nightmare.  With our protocol, he has to have his dose once in the morning and once at night, twelve hours apart.  He couldn’t keep them down.  He couldn’t even keep water down.  I had a really hard time getting his daily milk dose into his little body too, especially with a fever.

And then there was the egg dose to deal with.   Luckily, with the milk and egg, he is on maintenance now.  He only has to have one serving per day of those foods in one form or another, so we were able to sip throughout the day and nibble to get as much as we could into him.  Of course, each time everything would come right back up!   I just knew he would have to start over completely with his therapy, but he marched right through like a champ.   As sick as he was, he still held his ground and did what he had to do.

Because of the illness, we made a collective decision to skip his allergist appointment the following week for an increase, and we kept him at his current dose of three.

After all was said and done, he did great.  He never once had a reaction (which was my fear, with the virus) and once he got well, it was like nothing ever happened.  We’re right back where we were, but now we’re up to five peanuts per day.

This kid is amazing.  I think his immune system must be getting stronger now? Any way you slice it, I’m so very, very proud of my brave son!

And here we are… five peanut M&Ms twice per day, for another seven days, and then we’ll increase again.  We’re at one cup of milk per day, and anything above and beyond that is fine.  And we’re at one egg per day, with anything above and beyond.

I’m amazed, and the amazement never ends.  He had his very first hot fudge sundae the other day, and he loved it.  No tree nuts of course, but still… it was a REAL hot fudge sundae!

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