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Hong_Dr_Lee_TakDr. Tak Hong Lee

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Allergy Centre Provides One-Stop Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Allergy Centre of Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital (“HKSH”) came into service in March 2012. Headed by Dr. Lee, one of the world-renowned authorities on allergy treatment and prevention and an immunology & allergy specilist, the Centre is the first-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive tests and treatments catered for different types of allergies in adults and children. It also features the first dedicated Allergy Kitchen for food allergy testing and patient education, which together with other state-of-the-art facilities, is committed to promoting clinical research and raising public awareness of allergy.

Dr. Lee has over 30 years of experience in clinical practice, training and research in the United Kingdom, serving in numerous capacities including being the inaugural Director of the Medical Research Council and Asthma UK Centre in Allergic Mechanisms of Asthma at King’s College London and Imperial College London, Clinical Professor at King’s College London, President of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Head of Asthma and Allergy at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Hospitals in London, and Chairman of the UK Royal College of Physicians and Royal College of Pathologists Joint Committee for Immunology and Allergy.

Dr. Lee has published over 400 papers and reviews on asthma and allergy. The objective of his research is to inform development of new treatments and approaches to prevention. His work addresses key unresolved questions in asthma and allergy research for patient benefit.

“In my view, the Allergy Centre has the potential to be the best centre of its type in the region, and I will be hoping to collaborate with colleagues to build a multi-disciplinary team, providing what I call a ‘one-stop-shop’ for patients’ convenience,” said Dr. Lee.

Approximately 8% of people in Hong Kong are now suffering from allergies that include food allergy; skin allergy such as eczema; asthma; or allergic rhinitis. In HK children asthma affects about 10% of the population; rhinitis 30%; eczema 5%; and food allergy 5%. With an estimated 40% of Hong Kong children currently suffering from different kinds of allergies, the demand for allergy treatment has never been higher.


It is an honour to be elected the President of HKIA. HKIA’s role in fostering a professional forum for fellowship and scientific exchange in allergy is unique in HK. Its success is self evident, not least of which is its highly reputed international biannual conference. This has become an important part of the conference calendar for general practitioners, allergists, immunologists and related disciplines as well as for allied health professionals in HK and beyond.

The recent convention in October was an outstanding success again and we even held a press briefing to report on a new discovery about the long term detrimental effects of pollution on lung growth in children. We were pleased that the Under-secretary for the Environment in HKSAR government also spoke. As a result I am now chairing a working group of health professionals to help HKSAR government to engage the public in the battle against pollution.

I have been inspired by the vision of HKIA and I have admired its collegiality. I am confident that I speak for all members when I thank the Founders, present and previous Presidents, Dr Helen Chan and the other officers of the Institute who have given us such a worthy professional platform.

As HKIA approaches its 19th year since its launch in 1996, the challenge for us is to write the next chapter of HKIA’s illustrious history. I hope we can build on the remarkable legacy to date and make HKIA an even more vibrant organization that is inclusive and forward looking.

During my tenure as President of HKIA I will honour and build on its past successes, celebrate the present and plan for the future. I am committed to helping HKIA grow its legacy; to increase its public and professional profile; and to progress a tripartite agenda to help improve allergy services, create more opportunities for training of aspiring allergists; and to promote an environment to facilitate discovery of new knowledge. In short, I will try to make my Presidency one for growth, inclusivity, vision and energy (GIVE).

I feel the timing is right as the energy and enthusiasm in HK is receptive for growing Allergy as a discipline. This will not happen overnight but the stronger we are as a professional society the more we can do to progress to our ultimate goal.

I will be publishing a strategy on the way forward for HKIA soon once Council has been able to discuss it. My ardent wish is to engender a feeling of ownership of our strategy by everyone in the HKIA; after all it is your Institute. The officers, Council and I are merely the stewards of HKIA for a brief period of time.

Please join us to shape a strong professional platform for the benefits of our allergic patients and betterment of health in HK.”


Dr. Tak Hong Lee
Allergy Centre
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
9/f Li Shu Pui Block
2 Village Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Tel +852 2835 8430
Fax +852 2892 7565
Email thlee@hksh.com

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Doctor Name: Dr. Tak Hong Lee
State: - HONG KONG
Allergen: Peanut, Milk, Egg, Wheat
Treats single/multi allergens at once: Both options: Multi for egg, milk, wheat
Offers SLIT for food allergens: No

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