Dr. Chad W. Mayer, DO, FAAAAI, FAAP


Chad W. Mayer, DO, FAAAAI, FAAP

Dr. Mayer grew up with food allergies and has the first hand experience of the difficulties living with a food allergy.

We recommend a consult to sit down and discuss if OIT is right for you or your child.  We fully discuss any possible outcomes, success, failure, possible adverse outcomes.  We also discuss anxieties/fears involved with considering OIT. Our goal is to treat and to substantially improve the quality of life in food allergic kids and adults.

OIT has been extensively studied with many successful clinical trials performed at Duke, Johns Hopkins, Mount Sinai, and many of the other top allergy institutions around the world. Hundreds of children and adults have successfully completed OIT supervised by board certified allergists across the country and around the world over the last 100 years (most over the last 10 years). Over 100 patients have completed the current protocol we are utilizing, with many more in process of completing.

B.A. -Albion College
Medical School- Michigan State University
Pediatric Residency- Henry Ford Hospital
Pediatric Chief Resident- Henry Ford Hospital
Board Certified by American Board of Pediatrics
Pediatrician and pediatric resident and medical student preceptor
Associate Pediatric Program Director- Bi County Community Hospital
Allergy/Immunology Fellowship Adult and Pediatric- Louisiana State University
Board Certified by American Board of Allergy and Immunology

Affiliate Hospitals:
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
St. John Providence Park Novi
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland
Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital



Dr. Chad Mayer
Allergy & Asthma Institute of SE Michigan
39525 W 14 Mile, Suite 101, Novi, MI 48377
(248) 363-3232

OIT Details

Doctor Name: Dr. Mayer
State: Michigan
Allergen: Peanut, Tree nuts, Milk, Egg, Wheat, Soy, Sesame, Shellfish/Shrimp, Anetto
Treats single/multi allergens at once: Both options; up to 5 multiple allergens
Offers SLIT for food allergens: Yes, peanuts & milk

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Publications & Presentations

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